The RYD brand exists to ensure you have the most fun you can in and around the ocean. We’re not bound by age, ability, background or gender.  We’re a family based business, committed to bring you inspired product for every step of your surfing journey. From fun beginnings to the world tour and everywhere in-between, we’ll RYD with you wherever it is you’re having fun... from the land to the sea.



RYD manufacture premium land and sea-based product, designed to ensure you score wherever you are, or wherever you’re going.

Our quality products cover the full range of traction, leashes, fins, softboards, surfboards, SUP’s, all your travel necessities and skateboards. Our passion is to provide products that not only take you to new heights, but to continually put a smile on your face and create fun memories that last a lifetime.


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Simon Nicholson takes RYD to the UK

Location: United Kingdom

By RYD Team | October 23, 2020

Simon Nicholson is one of South Africa’s most celebrated surfers. His trademark style, incredible positioning and calm demeanour under pressure saw ‘Sims’ achieve at the highest level as a professional surfer.  He represented his country and won numerous domestic and international events culminating in being crowned the 2000 US Tour Champ.  But for Simon, his talent was not only…

Mystery Man – A joyful glimpse into the life of Stevie Sawyer

Location: Jeffries Bay, South Africa

By RYD Team | October 16, 2020

Video credit: Ian Thurtell Stevie Sawyer is one talented human. Delightfully adept on any craft, he could even make a door look like a viable wave riding instrument. And his surfing talent, although never needed or questioned, has been validated at the highest order with a WSL world title for longboarding in 2018. On the other…

Be Like Velcro!

Location: Global surfing community

By RYD Team | September 4, 2020

Your guide to sticking to it! Learning to surf can sometimes be a frustrating experience!  Watching others ride waves like it’s the most enjoyable thing in the world, while you flail and fall in the whitewater, can demoralize even the most determined of souls! And just when you think you’ve got it after mastering your pop…


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