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Get a Grip

Location: Global Surf Community

By RYD Team | October 22, 2019

Some of our #RYDtribe members weigh in on their current favorite traction pads Traction pads are very personal. Surfers choose them for form, function and fashion and a combination of all three. We offer a wide range of traction pads to suit all styles of surfboard as well as skill level (and, of course, color…

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How to ‘level up’ in your surfing

Location: The Global Surf Community

By RYD Team | October 10, 2019

We all surf for the love of riding waves and being able to commune with nature in such a unique and dynamic way. At the same time, we’re all out there trying to be the best versions of ourselves (wave-riding wise, you understand), so improvement is great. Here a few tips to help you progress…

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Celebrating Logging at the Cobbles Classic 2019

Location: Port Elizabeth, South Africa

By RYD Team | September 26, 2019

A log is a piece of equipment that you’ll definitely not forget at the beach! If this is the great granddaddy of surfing – what makes it so much fun to ride this heavy board? We’re talking “old-school” single fin, 9ft or over, with soft 50/50 rails. Well the pure stoke of surfing on a…

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Steven Sawyer joins RYD

South Africa

By RYD Team | September 2, 2019

2018 WSL World Longboard champ Steven Sawyer has signed with emerging surf accessories and all-round fun brand RYD. Steven Sawyer has signed with RYD on a long-term deal that will see the reigning WSL World Longboard champ use fins, traction and board bags. The South African longboard maestro joins Caio Ibelli as RYD’s two flagship team…

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Caio Ibelli Signs with RYD Brand

Location: Tahiti

By RYD Team | August 26, 2019

Championship Tour Surfer Joins Emerging Surf Accessories and All-Round Fun Brand Championship Tour surfer, Caio Ibelli has joined emerging surf accessories and all-round fun brand, RYD, on a long-term partnership. The deal will see the dynamic regular footer use the brand’s progressive range of accessories, including traction, fins, leashes and board bags.  “Caio fits our…

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Bertish Family Seeking the Less Ridden Waves in Indo

Location: Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa in Indonesia

By RYD Team | August 21, 2019

We all dream of living a life full of adventure… deserted tropical islands with perfect uncrowded waves removed from the daily rush of life! Add to that, having the wife and kids there with you (guilt-free surfing in paradise) and it’s pretty much as good as it gets! RYD Ambassador (and well-known surf traveler) Greg…

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Five Underrated California Surf Spots

Location: California, USA

By RYD Team | August 7, 2019

In 2009 Chris Burkard and Eric Sonderquist traversed the length of the Californian coastline, some 1100 miles (1770km). The book which resulted from the sojourn – a spectacularly beautiful coffee table volume featuring Sonderquist’s writing and Burkards imagery – is an inspiration to the armchair surf traveler and board-wielding pilgrim alike.  It fills us with…

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Scoring Waves in Angola

Location: Angola

By RYD Team | July 23, 2019

Off the beaten track and not the first destination that pops to mind when planning a surf trip, but Angola offers some of the best and least surfed breaks in Africa. So, think warm water, consistent swell and uncrowded surf – bliss! No wonder five friends decided to take the road less traveled and go…

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The Surfing Family: Meet the Venters

Location: South Africa

By RYD Team | July 10, 2019

We understand the perception that surfing can be quite a selfish sport. But the Venter family has proven the exact opposite of how surfing became their special glue, family bonding time and the best memories. So, if you aspire to be a surfing family, learn from their experience(s). Hello Venter Family Nick and I (also…

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The Dream: Best Buddies Surfing Bali (and meeting Kelly Slater)

By RYD Team | June 27, 2019

AJ Calitz is mostly known for his love of climbing (running) up mountains as a professional trail runner. However, his surf dream of visiting Indo with friends finally came to fruition this year. Here’s what he had to say about the surf with his best mate … Running to Meet the Waves Most people associate…

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